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I am Tagging You in a Site Review!

Here is a fun blog game you can play that will absolutely get you TONS! of traffic to your blog! The game is called, “I am Tagging You For a Site Review!” Anyone with a blog can play and best of all its FREE! Here is how it the game is played.
First off, you have been tagged!
If you are reading this post… you have been tagged!
Below is a list of blogs that have already been reviewed.
At the bottom of the list you will find your site and a review that someone already wrote for you. If not, then you are reading this list on my site and you are welcome to play!
In order to keep the game going, you will need to create a new post on your blog.
Copy the entire list and instructions as you see it written here. (Be sure to copy the instructions.)
Include two NEW sites to the list and put them on the bottom.
Each site you will need to write a brief two to three sentence review. (For examples, just look at the reviews of the other sites listed below).
Publish the post and title it, “I Tagged You For A Site Review!”
Be sure to contact the authors of the two sites you did the review for and show them what they need to do to keep the game going.
Don’t let the game end on your shift… otherwise you will get the Blogger’s Blues… which is much worse than walking under a ladder or crossing the path of a black cat! You don’t want the game to end if you are tagged with the last site review.
Pass the buck, and write two brief reviews. Clear your name and don’t get the Blogger’s Blues!
Previous Sites That Got Tagged With A Site Review:
Garry Conn: I am web designer and have a natural talent for search engine marketing and provide a professional local website development and Internet marketing service in my home town. I have been around computers all my life and still remember using my Commodore 64 just like it was yesterday.
Kyle’s Cove: a technology and blog that features an audience made up of a wide variety of people, ranging from the technology savvy to those new to the world of Web 2.0. This website examines the latest technology and blogging services available around the Internet.
Matt Jones: Hi! I’m Matt Jones and I’m the author of Affiliate Scam Guide. The purpose of my site is to help you make money online with affiliate programs and not get scammed!
The Life of a School Bus Driver: Hello! My name is Jennifer. My site is a live journal of my life as a mom, wife, photographer, and the daily adventures of being a school bus driver!
Who is Madhur: Bringing the best of gaming and technology! My hobbies include playing all sorts computer games especially FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer , surfing the net , listening music, learning game programming or some new languages , watching Manchester United Play. Currently I am trying to become a computer engineer from Jaypee University Of Info Tech, Shimla.
Junker Jorge : A Former Word of Faith Pastor Turned Southern Baptist. A great expose blog about the dangers of the cult movement of combined humanism and Christianity.

Use of common Sense is Necessary with Animal Rights Issues

Silly Americans!

Silly Americans!

You built the greatest nation known to mankind. Perfect? No! But by far the best. You were not given the opportunity. No, your ancestors burdened by the Yoke of high taxes without representation, government controlled religion, and impossible regulations on earning a decent living drove them out of desperation to seek freedom elsewhere. They set sail to the world of the unknown and obscure uncivilized land to pursue the opportunity to live free, to worship free, to
make their own way, and to die free. The colonies of America were built from sweat, blood, tears, disease, and massacre to continue to be held under bondage of taxes to England. Their trade for survival taxed and pirated on the open seas forced them yet again to make a stand. Be free from oppression or die. Even then the politicians of New England pressed to compromise freedom and be held captive to the mercy of the King of England, yet others yearned to be free and were willing to die by casting off the yoke of bondage to England. The war of 1812 proved that Americans would battle against impossible odds to win their freedom and to pursue their own dream of competing within the world’s marketplace. Our forefathers not only stood up against the tyranny of England, but were willing to sacrifice all to live free without being enslaved by a governing body that only sought its own gain and power over the very people who produced the wealth.
Again, the forces of oppression and aggression within our own country raised its ugly head and brought brother against brother to arms leaving the dead of thousands upon thousands before reconstruction and eventual healing would again launch the American spirit to succeed.
Our nation, the most benevolent in the history of mankind has sent it’s young and strong as a gift to many other nations in the world wars to fight back and defeat tyranny and enslavement by evil dictators so they to could live to be free and pursue a life of happiness.
Communism, the ideology of evil to enslave a people to serve its captors was vigorously fought by our brave sons to ensure that freedom was not just for the American people, but for all of God’s children in as many nations as possible.
Now we find ourselves struggling from the worst economy since the great depression. Each working family producing only to forfeit more than half their earnings in an incredibly out of balance tax structure geared for the spoils of the elite and to care for those who refuse to contribute themselves. Our politicians that we choose to represent us in congress forgets the struggle of their constituents the moment the moment they arrive in Washington and quickly
become one of the elite. Taxation without representation becomes their
assignment and daily effort.
The working taxpayer is indoctrinated by the political system and is taught and led by the moral compass of political correctness. Our spirits that yearn to succeed and live by our own moral judgments are discouraged by accusations of greed, racism, and extreme religious views which offend those who do not agree.
Our once freedom of speech has been replaced with fear and reprisals in the form of black balling an individual or character assassination and public ridicule with the loss of the individuals job. Americans are unable to keep the country safe and protect its borders do to the fear of offending its very own enemy.
Our country has suffered unprecedented economic crisis due to the open border with Mexico which allows their poor to leave they’re oppression to come to our country to work without tax restrictions and all other expensive regulations so they can send they’re tax free earnings to they’re home country while we provide them with costly health care and other public services which leave our own poor lacking without available resources. Our border with Mexico is the gateway to
America for all other nations to send their terrorist to plot and destroy what they desire while our politicians turn their head as the taxpayer struggles with their burdens and fears.
We silly Americans allow our politicians and elected officials to boldly strip away our constitutional rights, take over private industry and banking institutions that cripple the common man in his potential to make his own way. We allow our
government to hide behind an unscientific principle or theory of environmental scare tactics so they can use it to burden large companies in order to regulate, tax, and fine them.
We silly Americans allow our government to even suggest that they
should interfere with our world leading available medical care so that they can remove our freedom of choice from our health care in order to rob us of more tax money while they in turn give us less quality care and have control over our major medical options when need be.
We Americans sit back comfortably as our elected officials strip us of our constitutional rights and give them to our enemy combatants that killed our children during war and allow them to be turned loose on American streets with full constitutional rights and passage.
We silly Americans allow our government to regulate our right to bear arms so that one day soon they will seperate them from us so that we cannot ensure that our government will not enslave us.
We silly Americans sit back on our lazy behinds and become carelessly idle as our government continues to allow large scale voting fraud and practices to continue to strip us of our power to choose our own leader, furthermore the government continues to try to make voting legal for illegal aliens and felonious criminals.
We silly Americans sit back and let our politicians accuse us of being un-American when we do not agree with their elitist goals for our future.
We silly Americans do nothing during our toughest economic challenges while our president effects the largest payoff for his presidency in the history of politics with our hard earned tax dollars to union thugs and numerous social agenda’s that do nothing to profit the economic situation. And they title this act of theft and payoff a “Stimulus Package” to rub it in the nose of the American

We do nothing!

How much longer will we be silly Americans and just give up all that was paid for through centuries of spilled American blood?