The Useless Philosophy of Edwardsthegreat

1hankI am 42 years-old and married with three beautiful children, one of which is serving us all in the United States Navy proudly. I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I work in law enforcement, I believe in Jesus Christ and thank God that he accepts me the way I am. My hobbies are vast and plenty but I really enjoy blogging. It has taken me many attempts but I really like WordPress.  Maybe I will stay here a while. I also love college football, Auburn Tigers to be exact. We are in tough times right now but that is okay, what people just don’t understand is that it is always Great to be an Auburn Tiger! I also love photography, reading, politics, casino’s, music, movies and all kinds of other things. I love my country the way it was originally designed and I believe it should be strictly governed by the constitution, not by corrupt politicians. I love those who really serve this country by putting their ass on the line for the rest of us, namely the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Police Officers and Firemen. Without these we would have nothing, least of all our freedom. Thank you for visiting my blog and come again!

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