Police Vrs. Dangerous Breed Dogs

All police officers should be able to tell you a wild war story involving a Pit bull or other dangerous breed dog. At one time or another we have placed ourselves in dangerous situations with dangerous animals during the course of our regular duties. At times, police officers receive frequent calls about dangerous dogs on the loose, fighting dogs calls, or violent attacks by dangerous dogs. Nevertheless, many of our Officers face this danger routinely without any regulation or laws in place that deal with the issue of dangerous dogs. Many times officers are faced with the decision to shoot a dangerous dog when they are attacked by one or when the threat is apparent that an attack is imminent. In urban areas owning a Pit bull has become a status symbol and fighting them has become a lucrative form of gambling. It is well known that some gangs and drug dealers train Pit bulls to guard or protect areas where they do business, and still others train them to attack police officers. Should local Governments establish regulations and ordinances for owning Pit bulls and other dangerous dogs? pitbull2


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